Diamond Broker Bond Program Description
Qualifications: The Broker/Brokerage maintains an “A” credit score and experience factor with The Broker/Brokerage establishes a surety bond through McGriff, Seibels and Williams of Oregon (“McGriff”) and Roanoke Underwriting, a division of Roanoke Insurance Group Inc. (“Roanoke”). The Broker/Brokerage is in good standings with both the F.M.C.S.A. and ITS Financial Services, LLC shall approve membership and request additional qualifications upon its discretion.
Diamond Broker Services
Advertising and Marketing: will attach a red diamond(s) next to each load the participating Broker/Brokerage post on identifying their Level I participation. This designation is made available to all Carriers using the website. Carriers have the option to sort available loads by diamonds. When sorted, loads with red diamonds will be listed at the top of the load list in the order of the number of diamonds. At the freight details page a bond logo is attached identifying the bond and repeating the assurances given the bond. The following assurances are provided to Carriers on your behalf:
This Brokerage is a participating member of the Diamond Broker program at Level I (highest level). gives the following assurances:

  • ITS Financial Services is either the holder or affiliated with the holder of the Broker's bond. ITS Financial Services verifies the bond is fully funded, current and in full compliance with all F.M.C.S.A regulations.
  • At the time this load was posted there were no valid claims filed on this bond.
  • This Brokerage consistently maintains an “A” credit score and has a proven record with of meeting or exceeding industry standards.
Compliance and Administration: ITS Financial Services, LLC assures your surety bond or trust fund will be established and maintained in full compliance with F.M.C.S.A. regulations. Unlike some others, we do not offer bond funding schemes known to be not in compliance with F.M.C.S.A. regulations.
Claims and Notification: Claims and inquiries are handled by ITS Financial Services, LLC and Roanoke in compliance with Titles 49, 19 and related regulations. Our staff has processed over 125,000 carrier non-payment complaints in the last ten years. We will use this experience to first attempt a successful resolution without payment from the bond. In the event a filed claim appears to be valid, ITS Financial Services and Roanoke will notify the Broker and provide copies of all documentation collected. The Broker will be provided ample time to respond. No claims will be processed without first giving the Broker both notice and an opportunity to respond.
Credit Monitoring and Consulting: ITS Financial Services will monitor your current credit score electronically and notify you of any event(s) that are negatively affecting your credit score with Our credit experts will offer consultation and advice on protecting and improving your score. An annual credit review is available to participating members at no additional cost.
Bond Details
  • Surety bond offered through McGriff, Seibels and Williams of Oregon (Agent) and Roanoke Underwriting (Managing Underwriter) providing an AM Best "A" or "A+ (Superior)" rated provider.
  • No collateral is required to maintain the bond.
  • Electronic bond filing with the F.M.C.S.A.
  • Bond is continuous until canceled.
  • Annual premium due upon acceptance and 30 days prior to Diamond Broker / Bond anniversary date.
  • Program Management Fee due upon acceptance and, if applicable, 30 days prior to Diamond Broker / Bond anniversary date.
  • A Signed General Indemnity Agreement is required prior to filing the bond with the FMCSA.
Roanoke annually reviews the claims/loss activity of the Program and the success of the Program overall, to determine if any additional fees may be assessed. The bondholder will be notified 60 to 90 days prior to the renewal date of the bond. Any assessment will be limited to 50% of the initial program fee in any given renewal year. Such fees, if applicable, shall be payable no later than 30 days prior to the bond renewal.
If you have any questions regarding this bond, general indemnity agreement or the risk management fee please call McGriff, Seibels and Williams of Oregon at 1-888-515-2535 to talk to a licensed agent.
I understand and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the above description.